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I’ve always loved a nom de plume.






DAVID GERRAND has been involved in the arts for over 30 years in Victoria, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Queensland and now Western Australia. Initially David worked as an actor, writer and director for Yellow Brick Roadshow, Salamanca Theatre Company, Tie Die, Browns Mart and the Darwin Theatre Group. He then turned his focus to Arts Management and became the first Community Arts Officer in Hobart for the Kaleidoscope Community Arts Company. He was the Salamanca Arts Festival Director for five years then moved to Brisbane where he worked for World Expo ’88 coordinating the Day and Night Parades and became the inaugural Director of Access Arts. He developed this company into Australia’s premier arts company supporting people with disabilities touring shows to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Indonesia. David has been General Manager of deckchair theatre for the past 11 years. He is the past President of ArtsVoice, the Western Australia Arts Industry lobby group and a mad keen supporter of the Dockers.

MARK SHIRREFS is alive and well. Mark has been reading science fiction since he was 11 and making a living from writing it for the last 17 years. He is the creator of the children’s television time travel series, THE GIRL FROM TOMORROW, the parallel universe saga SPELLBINDER, and the sci-fi kid’s sitcom PIG’S BREAKFAST. In 2006, Mark’s animated Gothic sci-fi film, THE MYSTERIOUS GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS OF JASPER MORELLO, was nominated for a BAFTA and an OSCAR. He is currently writing a feature film set in the world of Jasper Morello. www.festivale.info/questions/markshirrefs2.htm

PETER HALL was last seen in the early nineties. He didn’t seem very keen to re-visit his wayward youth.