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NIGEL TRIFFITT is somehow still alive, despite many efforts to kill him off. He retired after creating the Finale for the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 . His recent adventures can be followed on thedogster.wordpress.com

JOHN WILSON disappeared without trace. He rejoined his estranged wife and, I suspect at her urging, joined the tragic spiritual exodus in the mid-seventies. He became a Rajneeshee or “Orange Person”, abandoned his previous life and all acquaintences, changing his name to Azima in the process. I can’t think of anybody less likely to have a spiritual awakening but there you go. What do I know? Azima went to Poona and returned transformed. He was last seen in Adelaide in 1976 ish looking orange and purple with beads and very long hair. I have no idea what happened to him. We were pals. I’d love to know how it all turned out.

Look what we did to him.


BRADLEY WRIGHT died in 198?. He was one of the first AIDS deaths.

S.P. PEARL continues her glittering career. 

JACQIE STOLZ is alive and well, living in Brisbane. She married SAM SOSNOVSKI, just like she was always gonna do, retired to the hills and began a worm farm. Things didn’t work out as planned. More details will follow.


ANDREW HANSEN stayed in the theatre. He has worked on productions for both children and adults, including theatre and touring productions, parades, festivals and one-off events.  A man of the theatre, Andrew was a founding member of the groundbreaking, mainly adult, puppet company Handspan. Handspan theatre toured extensively in Europe, the U.S. South America, Japan and Indonesia, with ground breaking productions such as Four Little Girls, Secrets and Cho Cho San. These days Andrew is well known to fortyfivedownstairs’ patrons for his enthusiastic and effusive audience welcomes. 

 GEOFFREY DANN slipped the loop somewhere in the nineties. I don’t know where he is. 

LOUISE SANDERS was last seen in Tasmania…

SUE DOBSON went on to greater things. I’m not sure what they were.


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