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No one can, or will, deny the expertise of this company. They are as professional as they are slick. One must be astonished at the reaction they are receiving in the North Coast region. And one has got to ask why? After all, most people find the show amusing, a good belly laugh, some find it perplexing, and yet; others, albeit a few, make a ceremonial walkout, to be seen as publicly defending their own peculiar sense of propriety. All that variety of reaction coming from the same illusion.

The point is that in the performance people see themselves reflected – and respond accordingly. Yellow Brick Roadshows shook the lethargy of established elites everywhere and revealed their mediocrity. And in so doing so others were confirmed in their sense of oppression and domination by the values and mores of this geriatric elite…

But change will come. To resist the inevitable is to invite pain. To be open to it, is to be flexible about the choices of possible futures. Yellow Brick Roadshow is making all this prevailing inflexibility of mind apparent. Painfully so for some. Certainly the experience of the tour has changed us (Reality Construction Co.). And it has changed the N. Coast community in ways so subtle and obvious, significant and trivial that it becomes a statement of faith to claim it and to say – we know it’s all for the better. We got faith.

Graeme Dunstan: Reality Construction Co. (N.S.W.)


Bookings blew out left, right and centre.


Faith was all very fine. It didn’t make us any the less pariahs in the deep, dark hills of Northern New South Wales. We could hear the duelling banjos. The company fled to an isolated house on an isolated hill and hid. Every time we went out there was a drama.